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Optic Responsive Tumblr Theme

Clive: Wow! This is an awesome theme.
Me: Why thank you.
Clive: Can I use it on my own blog?
Me: Sure you can just click on the Purchase Theme link in the sidebar.

Optic Tumblr Theme

The Optic Tumblr theme features a whole bag full of jQuery goodness. It also features the Masonry plugin that nicely displays your images.

Optic also caters for all Tumblr post types and even has an animated photoset!

  • Artist: Skrillex
  • Album: Kaskade + Skrillex
  • Track: Kaskade + Skrillex 'Lick It'

This is an audio post that shows that the audio player still appears on freshly loaded posts.

Text post with an image

This is a text post with an image in it.

Illustration by Luke Wilde

  • Artist: Paramore
  • Album: RIOT!
  • Track: Misery Business

This is an audio post with the Spotify player.

(Source: Spotify)

Responsive Design

Bill: What is a responsive website?
Bob: It changes to fit the device your viewing it on.
Bill: So no more pinching and zooming on my iPhone?
Bob: Nope not at all! =]